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The Booster Strap is the essential item for improving ski boot performance.

When used properly it provides for maximum boot performance and astonishing ski control, increases comfort and aids the prevention of shin bang and other boot maladies. It eliminates any empty space between the shin and the ski boot’s tongue.

The Booster Strap is made of high strength elastomeric webbing with an anti-slip micro-adjustable cam buckle. The elastomer allows flexibility, vibration and shock damping. The cam buckle assures a better fit and more comfort.

Practically the Booster Strap elastically fastens together the leg and the ski boot and provides direct ski control so the skis will start turning sooner and will end the turn faster. The stiffness varies with the different models though making variable the elastic response that has to be a choice of the skier according to his technique, morphology and skiing discipline.

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