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The Booster Strap’s Choice

The choice between the different models of the Booster Strap has to be done considering the following parameters:

  1. 1.Weight/Height

The Booster Medium or World cup fits Heavy/Tall athletes.       Booster Soft fits Light/Short athletes.

  1. 2.Aggressiveness

Medium or World Cup fits an aggressive skier. Booster Soft fits a quiet skier.

  1. 3.Discipline

For Tech events it is suggested to ski with a Medium or World Cup, for Speed events and Freeski with the soft model.

  1. 4.Stiffness of Boots’ Plastics

Stiff Boot => Booster Medium or World Cup

Soft Boot => Booster Soft

  1. 5.Stiffness of the Ski

Stiff Ski => Booster Medium or World Cup

Soft Ski => Booster Soft

Consider that it is better to begin with a softer model rather than a stiff one. A softer model has a slower elastic response but makes much easier to feel the advantages of using the Booster Strap. Beginning with a too stiff model may not lead the skier to feel the difference.

It has also to be considered that there is an overlap between the models and their elastic properties. As an example, the properties of an high tensioned Medium model can be equal to those of a low tensioned World Cup model.

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The Models

Booster Kid

2 Short elastic bands. Ideal for kids.

Booster Soft

2 elastic bands. Ideal for good skiers and for light/not aggressive racer.

Booster Medium

3 elastic bands. Ideal for very good skiers and racers.

Booster World Cup

3 reinforced elastic bands. Engineered to fit the needs of a world cup skier.